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ALL ABOUT SIGNAGE! A Guide to Standard and Unique Wedding Day Signage

Updated: Mar 28

Your wedding day is a canvas upon which you paint your love story. Every detail, from the flowers to the music, contributes to the magical tapestry of the day.

One often overlooked yet impactful element is wedding signage. Whether you're guiding guests or adding personal flair, signage sets the tone and adds charm to your celebration.

In this guide, we explore both standard and out-of-the-box wedding day signage to help couples create unforgettable moments.

elegant seating chart display with florals at museum wedding

Standard wedding day signage to consider:

  1. Welcome Sign: Greet guests with warmth and elegance as they arrive. A beautifully crafted welcome sign sets the tone for the festivities ahead.

  2. Seating Chart Display: Guide guests to their seats with a stylish seating chart. Whether it's a traditional board or a unique display, this signage ensures a smooth transition to the reception.

  3. Bar Sign: Quench guests' thirst with a clear and stylish bar sign. Display signature cocktails, drink options, or witty quotes to add personality to the beverage station.

  4. Card Box Sign: Direct guests to the designated spot for cards and well wishes. A charming card box sign ensures that heartfelt messages find their way to the newlyweds.

  5. Menu cards: Add a stylish and finished look to the table settings.

  6. Table numbers: If you are assigning tables, you will need them, so why not make them match the rest of your decor or make them as unique as your love story?

Here are some more out-of-the-box wedding day signage ideas you can to let your personalities shine:

  1. Love Story Timeline: Share your journey as a couple with a love story timeline. From your first meeting to the proposal, this interactive display engages guests and adds a personal touch to the celebration.

  2. Quote Wall: Inspire guests with a quote wall featuring meaningful love quotes or lyrics. Create a stunning backdrop that reflects your love and resonates with everyone present.

  3. Instagram Hashtag Mural: Encourage guests to capture and share memories with a custom wedding hashtag mural. Display the hashtag prominently and watch as your special day unfolds on social media.

  4. Memory Lane Dedication: Honor loved ones who couldn't be there in person with a memory lane dedication. Showcase photos and heartfelt messages to celebrate their presence in spirit.

  5. Interactive Guest Book: Transform a traditional guest book into an interactive experience. Create a sign inviting guests to leave thumbprints, well wishes, or Polaroid snapshots, capturing cherished memories for years to come.

  6. Selfie Backdrop: Make every corner an Instagram worthy shot!

  7. Bathroom messages: From mirror decals with cute quotes to funny sink messages.

  8. Dance Floor Quotes: Adding a decal to your dance floor or dance area can add a personalized touch to your reception space making a bold impact and ensuring no one misses it!

Incorporating both standard and out-of-the-box wedding day signage allows couples to express their unique style and personality. Whether it's guiding guests or adding personal touches, signage plays a vital role in creating a memorable and magical celebration. So, let your creativity soar as you design the perfect signage to elevate your wedding décor and create unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

Happy planning!




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