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How to Help Reduce Wedding Related Stress

It is called and commonly referred to as the “best day of your life,” and that alone adds a lot of pressure

to one day! The years, months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding will be a rollercoaster of

emotions and with every twist and turn, there is a varying amount of stress involved. While wedding

planning will pretty much become a full-time job for most couples, there are somethings you can do to

help reduce the stress and make the planning experience as joyful as possible!

1. Make a list of definite and non-negotiables with your partner

During your wedding planning process, you will have a LOT of opinions being shared with you. From

your family members to friends to co-workers to vendors to strangers who feel the need to share their

thoughts, you’ll have a lot so sort through. To help not get caught up in it all, we recommend sitting

down with your partner early on and making a list of things important to both of you and things you

don’t want anyone else’s opinion on nor will take it. Are you 100% set on having a DJ and don’t want a

band? Do you want a first look or do you want the first time you both see each other is coming down

the aisle? Making a list of these non-negotiables will help you down the road and know what opinions

you don’t need to listen to and make sure your wedding stays true to you both!

2. Don’t procrastinate

While planning can seem never ending between choosing your color palette, what color shoes your

wedding party, cocktail hour appetizers, songs everyone walks in to and more, the list goes on and on.

Believe us when we say, once you start checking things off the list, it gets easier. The more decisions you make, the less to do items remain and your stress will begin to dissipate, and your vendors will thank you too because they can also work ahead and not chase you down for answers and decisions.

3. Take breaks and don’t let planning run your life

It can get overwhelming with all the decisions there are to be made let alone the hundreds and

thousands of dollars you are spending too. While making decisions and crossing items off your to do list is important, it shouldn’t overtake you and your partner’s lives. Keep doing the things you enjoy

whether it is going to the gym or taking daily walks, spending time with friends and family, going to see a movie or going on a day trip. Enjoy the planning process but at the same time, maintain selfcare and your sanity!

4. Over-communicate!

It is no secret that over-communication can help solve problems by itself! From having everything in

writing with your vendors so expectations are known between all parties to you and your families’

delegating roles and responsibilities, once everyone is on the same page and there are notes and emails to look back on, there is no question as to who is doing what and the game plan.


Weddings can be stressful, but if you have a support system within your partner, family, friends, planner and vendors, we promise you will have an enjoyable planning experience and create your dream





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