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How to plan a summer wedding. 7 ideas to be prepared for the heat

As we write this blog, it is about 45 degrees outside and a beautiful sunny fall day. But in the wedding planning world, we are already preparing for our Summer weddings!

Oh sweet Summer, the time to hang out by the pool, catch a tan on the beach, maybe have a BBQ or two and soak up the sun. Although this season is arguably a fan favorite, I think we can all agree summer heat comes with special precautions. This is especially true if you’re dreaming of a summer wedding. After all, you want your day to be full of happy, fun memories not sweaty, miserable ones!

If you are planning a summer wedding, here are 7 ideas to keep in mind to help your wedding celebration, one to remember… in a good way! Where your guests feel comfortable and cared for, so read on!

1. Hand out ice cold towels

Ice cold towels are an excellent way to cool off. Consider adding essential oils too to eliminate any odors and provide your guests with a different experience where all of the senses are involved and activated. Place the towels in a pretty display/iced tray and keep them available before and after the ceremony, just make sure they are not soaking wet, the idea is not to give your guests a cold bath!

2. Offer a cool treat

Dippin’ dots work great as a quick refresher as they tend to not melt as fast as traditional ice cream but anything cooling will be sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces!

Having an ice cream vendor is also a great option for summer weddings (and in my opinion, even at winter weddings! Who doesn't like ice cream!?). Having a vendor or staff serving the ice cream is the way to go for this as things could get messy very quickly.

3. Hire extra staff

With excessive heat comes the possibility for health complications. To avoid any disasters, be sure there are plenty of staff to rotate giving everyone a chance to cool off. Talk to your venue and/or catering to make sure they stay on top of this during the planning process and charge accordingly for the additional staff so there are no confusions later on and set expectations.

4. Have an AC Unit in your tent

Having an outdoor summer wedding? Although renting an AC unit can cost you typically a few thousand dollars, it is an investment you will not regret. Fans can provide only so much relief on a blazing hot day and sometimes and depending on the size of the tent and the size of your group/event, unless you are next to the fan, you will not feel the air!

One more thing to consider if having a tented wedding in the summer is to avoid the clear ceiling panels, they look amazing but it also brings in extra heat attracting it and bringing it straight down to your guest tables acting like a greenhouse, solid panels are the way to go for this.

5. Install mist fans

You know, like those you find at every Disney World themed park? If an AC unit in the main reception tent is not something you can fit in your budget, mist fans are an excellent option for your ceremony and/reception providing your guests with quick relief. Ask your rental company to place fans on every single pole of the tent and not just a few or only on the corners, this will help reach more guests. Ask for fans for the center of the tent too to help those tables that are not near the sides of the tent or even for the guests dancing the night away!

6. Consider starting your ceremony later

The later your ceremony, the closer to sunset. If possible, consider having your ceremony a bit later as the heat tends to be most powerful throughout the early afternoon. Besides, golden hour ceremonies are absolutely magical!

7. Hand out parasols or fans

Not only will these make for a great heat reliever, but you can also customize these items leaving your guests with memorabilia to take home! You can also add a stick to your program making a two in one product.


Summer should be a time for fun and so should your wedding! Take the proper precautions and you will be in for a beautifully, unforgettable day, don't forget to hydrate! It goes without saying and it may seem obvious but be sure to have stocks of water on deck. The last thing you want is for anyone to be dehydrated. Have cold water stations available near the bar(s) and by the ceremony as guests come in.

Cheers and happy planning!


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