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Rachel & Jason's Spanish Villa Destination Wedding

Updated: Mar 28

Rachel & Jason at Mas Torroella smiling on their wedding day
Rachel & Jason at Mas Torroella on their wedding day. Photo by Weddings Art

Let’s set the scene: it was a sunny Saturday morning, a cool 60F - 65F, surrounded by grassy hills outside a 14th-century Catalan villa just an hour and a half from Barcelona or France. The bride and groom were in good spirits and the air was full of excitement. Rachel & Jason's wedding weekend in Spain was a blend of romance, fun, and good-old family time. If you've ever wondered about the magic that can unfold when Philly love birds take their vows in Spain, you're about to find out!

From PHL to BCN

Rachel, a scientific consultant, and Jason, an accountant and Philly native, met in the city after Rachel moved for work, and had their first date over sour beers at Cinder. They share a love of exploring, travel, and food which only makes their engagement story even sweeter! While on vacation in Maui in 2021, following a sunset cruise, the two went for a walk along the beach where Jason got down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him. *swoon* Given that they love to travel together, they knew they wanted to get married somewhere beautiful, but they didn’t know where. During our initial consultation, and after learning more about them, their budget, and their wedding goals, I suggested Spain!. They jumped at the idea as that was a destination they’d never been to and were really intrigued with the idea! It was also a somewhat centric option for the many family members flying in from all over Europe and Australia!

The Beauty of Mas Torroella and getting there

After a lot of research for venues all over Spain, we found Mas Torroella, a 14th-century Catalan estate turned boutique hotel and venue, a beautiful blend of Spanish history with modern touches. It's the kind of place that makes you pause and take in every detail. We had not set foot in their venue until the check-in day, a day before their wedding day!

With friends and family arriving from different corners, the atmosphere was thick with anticipation. It wasn't just about the wedding day; the entire weekend was filled with catching up, sharing stories, and making new memories.

Getting guests to the venue from different spots in Barcelona (including different flight times and pick-ups / drop-offs at the Barcelona airport) was a fun task… to say the least! It was as challenging as it may sound, but we love logistical challenges, so we were up to the task and we pulled it all together!

The night before the wedding

As a way to welcome guests after a long trip, we planned for a welcome reception at the Villa, we used the same caterer to keep things simple but mixed up the reception style, and prepared welcome bags for all guests with local goodies (turrones, local bottle of wine, etc.).

A paella station along with a local and fresh salad station were the stars of the night along with local wines and sangrias. It was a windy and chilly night under the venue’s pergola by the pool but everyone was excited to be there and take in the beautiful surroundings, great company and delicious food (including pineapple popsicles nestled inside of an actual pineapple… only in Spain!)

The Personal Touches - The wedding day

Our color palette of light neutrals, sage green, and warm pinks were thoughtfully chosen. The couple wanted something fresh and modern that also felt whimsical and romantic. Tables were thoughtfully adorned with a gradient of light flowers and mismatched candlesticks in greens and beige. We created unique 3D gold table numbers on a floral background for a contemporary touch. The pastel color palette was consistent throughout the signage placed around the venue. While guests trickled into their ceremony, there was a violinist playing and after a day of fun together, everyone was full of joy seeing these two share their vows.

The initial plan was to host their ceremony outside at one of the villa’s gardens, but the strong wind made it almost impossible for our floral backdrop to stay put and the sounds were going to be affected, so we decided to move everything inside of the villa at the last minute before guests’ arrival.

We quickly moved the furniture from the long foyer area of the villa, moved the flowers and chairs along with all of the sound equipment, it was all hands on deck. In the end, it was like it was always supposed to be inside. It turned out to be the most magical, special ceremony our team had ever done. The sounds of the violin bounced perfectly around the historic brick walls and ceiling, it was meant to be.

Following the ceremony, we prepared a cocktail hour outside by the pool. While most couples might take this time to snap additional photos, Rachel and Jason were able to get most of them done prior to the start time of the reception, leaving just a few extra photos to be taken during the cocktail hour, which allowed them to partook in all of the incredible food prepared by Moncho’s Catering including fresh oysters seasoned in your choice of mignonette, ponzu, or Bloody Mary sauce right in front of you. YUM!

Guests found their seats on the escort cards placed like flowers in boxes in between an array of ranunculus, ready to be picked. The cards were printed on delicate handmade paper.

For the reception, tables were lined up side by side creating two long banquet tables with their sweetheart table connecting the two rows, creating an intimate environment for dinner in front of the dance floor.

Modern furniture was placed on the lawn to create a gathering place for guests to sip a cocktail or smoke a cigar throughout the night.

And, for a sprinkle of Spanish tradition? A surprise flamenco dancers performance after dinner. It beautifully tied the evening together, bringing a touch of local culture to their international celebration. It was a complete surprise from our team to the couple and their guests and it was probably one of the most exciting surprises we have ever given anyone! They could not believe what was happening, guests felt like they were getting a private flamenco show… and they were!

Moments, Memories, and a Spanish Setting

The weekend was full of moments that tugged at the heartstrings. On our final morning together we helped gather breakfast ordered locally within 3-4 different bakeries accompanied by fresh fruit, cheeses and meats from the town’s Sunday Farmers Market, so everyone could enjoy during their final day of celebration. We saved some of the centerpieces from the night before to decorate the breakfast table to create a more intimate and thoughtful moment for Rachel and Jason along with their guests as they closed the weekend.

In all the fun, the essence of the weekend was clear: two people deeply in love, surrounded by those they cherish most, in a place as special as their journey together.

Rachel & Jason's wedding weekend was a beautiful blend of cultures, emotions, and moments. It beautifully showcased who they are as a couple and set the tone for their journey ahead.

Here's to many more adventures for them, and to the memories they created with their loved ones in Spain.

Cheers to Rachel & Jason! 🥂


Wedding planner @musaweddings @musaweddings_eu

Florist @saviabrutaflor

Catering @monchoscatering

Furniture and tableware @ahrental

Celebrant @theweddingman

Sound, music and lighting @sweetdreams_productions

Photos @weddingsart

Cake @lolitabakery

Muah @juliaponte

Venue @mastorroella


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