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How and Who to Tip on Your Wedding Day

In American culture, tips are extremely common. From the waitstaff at dinner to your manicurist to your barista to your dog-walker, tipping is part of everyday life.

Your wedding day is not any different. It is important for couples to factor their wedding vendor tips into their budget and plan ahead.

We love when couples hand us labeled envelopes on their wedding day with all their vendors' names/companies on them, and we can easily hand out tips throughout the day (bonus points if you write and include a thank you note too!).

As you get closer to your wedding day, and are doing all the last "to-do" items, we recommend taking

an hour or two and figure out tips for all the vendors with your partner and anyone else who is

financially contributing to the wedding. If you have a planner, ask your planner for advice on who and how much to tip in your area.

To begin, you want to make a list of all your wedding vendors, then go through each contract to see if gratuity is already included in your invoice. If any contract has it included, you can cross them off and consider them done unless you want to tip additionally (which it is not required but of course, extremely welcomed).

If the contract is not already including a tip/gratuity, here are some suggested amounts for tips for each vendor.

Please keep in mind that these amounts are based on Philadelphia area weddings, if you are in New York, DC, or anywhere else in the US, these amounts will most likely change. Check with your planner to see what the correct amount would be for each.

I hope this list helps as you go through all of your vendors and you can use it as a guide. In addition to tips, you vendors will also greatly appreciate you writing them reviews either on their website or through any wedding websites the use, like Google, The Knot and/or WeddingWire.

Don't forget to share with them the professional photos once you receive your gallery and always share the love and tag them when you post photos on your social media accounts... and of course, referrals!

Happy planning! Cheers!



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