"I don't need a wedding planner!"

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Your wedding day should be just that, YOUR day, YOUR time to relax, YOUR time to enjoy, YOUR time to be pampered, YOUR, YOUR YOUR!.. You got the idea! =)

Most couples are now DIY couples, which is totally amazing don't get me wrong BUT, can you really do it all? Can you handle the venue, the vendors, the food, the timeline, the favors, the decor, the logistics, the supervision of all vendors to make sure everything goes out on time and that the song you wanted the DJ to play is actually going to be played when you are being introduced as newlyweds all while you get ready in the morning, take pictures AND try to dance and have fun on your wedding day? whew! I'm out of breath just by saying all those things, things that no bride or groom should be taking care of on their wedding day.

Think about it, would you prefer to be holding a phone on your ear while you are getting your hair and makeup done or would you prefer to be holding a glass of champagne?

Your wedding day should be just that, YOUR day, YOUR time to relax, YOUR time to enjoy, YOUR time to be pampered, YOUR, YOUR YOUR!.. You got the idea! =)

A wedding planner is a great resource to have, we might not only save you time but also money as we tend to be well connected with other vendors and know which vendor will give you more for your buck, we also love budgets! so we will make sure we stay on track.

Wedding planners know the amount of work it takes to put together an unforgettable wedding therefore, we know what to do and most importantly when to do it. We have the skills and contacts necessary to make your dream day come true.

So with that out of the way and if we still need a little more convincing to do try this exercise, if you answer YES to 1 or more questions below then you need a wedding planner. And more than "need" I would say "want" a wedding planner.

• Do you have a job that requires a lot of your time?

• Are you having your wedding somewhere other than where you live?

• Do you have a tight budget and not sure how to design your dream wedding with it?

• Does the thought of planning a wedding stresses you out?

• Do you believe your wedding planning experience should be enjoyable and not stressful?

• Do you have a great venue coordinator but they won't take care of your decor, vendors, etc.?

Now go and find yourself a Wedding Planner! =)

Happy planning!



From Martha Stewart Weddings Blog: "Wedding planners are no longer just for couples with unlimited budgets; they have become indispensable today to many brides and grooms, who find their services well worth the expense. You might consider hiring a planner soon after you get engaged if you have a demanding job that leaves little time for much else, if you're getting married in a city other than the one you live in, or if you simply feel overwhelmed by the details involved."

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