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The top 7 mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding

We know it takes more than just a couple of hours to plan a wedding. A lot of work, organization and time go behind each wedding. But with so many details, it is easy to sometimes overlook some items. Read below for our top 7 mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding!


01.: Trying to please everyone

When it comes to such a personal event, the only ones you should try to please are yourself and your partner. There will be many requests, unsolicited comments and advise along the way. Set boundaries and determine from the beginning who the final decision maker will be, no matter if they are financially contributing to the event or not.

02.: Thinking that you don't need a wedding planner

A lot of couples come to us and decide not to move forward saying "we just found out our venue comes with a planner". Let me break the news here, your venue coordinator IS NOT your wedding planner or wedding coordinator. They will not complete the same tasks as a separate wedding planner. The simplest way to put it is, your venue coordinator is hired by your venue or caterer, and therefore, they will advocate to the venue or caterer, a wedding planner/coordinator is hired by you, therefore, they will have your best interest no matter what. Check out our "Venue Coordinator vs Day-of Coordinator" blog!

03.: You don't set a realistic budget

Oh the budget conversation, our least favorite but by far, one of the most important ones. Determining your budget before you write your guest list, secure a venue and book all of your vendors is key to a stress-free wedding planning process. Do your research, chat with local planners, reach out to venues and vendors, shop around and gage what your budget would need to look like for your dream wedding. Don't trust, I repeat, don't trust generic online budgets! They are not accurate, they do not represent your area/market.

04.: Trying to DIY as many things as possible to "save money"

Imagine yourself the morning of your wedding, having the best time celebrating from early with your wedding party, family and friends, getting ready for an amazing day, having your hair and makeup done.. and then realizing that you still need to head to the venue to set-up those centerpieces you decided to DIY to "save money", now you have to leave everyone behind to go do that instead, in July during a heat wave or in the middle of January during a blizzard..... does that sound like fun to you!?

Don't get me wrong, there are things that I am always up for DIYing, however, there are other things (like your centerpieces and ceremony decor) that should just simply not be DIY'd. Hire a professional vendor to take care of this decor, it will not only save you time but also a lot of headaches!

05.: Not feeding your wedding vendors on the wedding day

Your wedding vendors also have to eat! Make sure to include them in your head count to the venue/caterer. Usually your catering company will have a lower price for vendor meals. Please consider a hot meal instead of a boxed meal. Keep in mind that some vendors might also require this in their contract so be sure to triple check that before closing your numbers with the venue.

06.: Not thinking that details are important

Details, details, details... This is what is going to create an amazing experience for you and your guests during your wedding day. Don't underestimate the power of those little personalized pieces, it is for sure what your guests will remember and what will make your wedding your own and not just another generic pretty wedding.

07.: You don't have a solid rain plan

The weather is something we cannot control but what we can control is what we plan for.

One of the things you should always ask while touring a wedding venue is "what is your rain plan". Having a solid plan B is crucial to a successful and enjoyable wedding day.


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