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Is a micro wedding for you?

As venue capacities slowly being to grow, I know many couples are still very anxious and uncertain how their big days will proceed but we are so excited things seems to be on the rise and events can take place safely as restrictions start to lift. The last year has been a lot to deal with, and my heart still goes out to couples figuring out to move forward with their big reception, several postponements, and the choice to downsize.

Prior to 2020, I had done a handful of micro weddings and find as much joy in it as a planner as the couple experiences on their big day. While many couples decided to take their 150+ person wedding down to a smaller group of 40 or less, my couples found just as much happiness and excitement in a smaller sized wedding. Some of my clients were even able to breathe a sigh of relief because they didn’t want that big wedding to begin with and the mandatory Covid-19 restrictions let them have the small wedding of their dreams guilt free.

Photography by LoveMeDo Photography

As a planner, just as much work goes into a smaller micro wedding as a large 150+ person wedding. I still meet with my couples and make sure I know which details are most important to them and telling their story. From their wedding color palette to booking all vendors needed and day-of goods, everything in terms of workload is just the same but with a smaller guest count. Instead of 12 tables, we would probably only need four, but each table is still decked out and sometimes even more so since the budget usually stays about the same, but there are less tables to design, so why not go all out!?

Something to take into considerations while planning a micro wedding is that just because you are having less people, does not mean automatically that you will also spend considerably less money. But let me clarify that, to scale, yes, you would spend less (less people = less money on food and beverage), but your vendors will still cost the same (photographer, videographer, DJ/band, etc.) and if you are doing a backyard wedding, there are also many things you need to take into consideration like: Do you need a tent? Are you bringing in a caterer that would require kitchen equipment to be rented and brought in? Are the restrooms on-site enough or do you need to bring in luxury portable restrooms? Will you need chairs, tables, service ware?

Backyards are not usually equipped to host weddings like an actual event venue would, so lots of things do need to be considered when thinking about your budget. A planner is your best ally as we know how much things actually cost, can coordinate logistics based on experience. Keep in mind remember that you do not know what you don’t know and sometimes in wedding planning, that can become a mess very quickly! Trust an experience planner to guide you to make sure your wedding is an event you and your guests will remember forever (in a good way!).

In the past year, I have planned and designed micro weddings in all sizes and styles, some for about 15 guests and others for around 50, some were planned in under a month! I think micro weddings has become a trend as more and more couples consider this to be the best option for them.

Will yours be a micro wedding or are you going all out with 150+ guests?





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