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Wedding Planning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

"...stay calm, take the next few weeks to relax, stay positive and put your life into perspective, be thankful for everything and everyone you have around you, spread love and help your community."


I know how stressful wedding planning can be, and this certainly doesn’t help! My heart goes out to you and your loved ones.

I have put together a list of things you can do in the next couple of weeks. But please know that these are just my personal recommendations and not an official guideline you need to follow. We do not know what we don't know, and right now, there are a lot of things we for sure don't know (like when this is all going to end), so please read on and take what applies to you or what you feel works best for your situation and leave off to the side what doesn't.

My wedding is in 2020, should we postpone?

First, stay calm, take the next few weeks to relax, stay positive and put your life into perspective, be thankful for everything and everyone you have around you, spread love and help your community. I know this is easy to say when your mind is in a million places but I truly feel that there is no need to panic just yet. I suggest you wait a couple of weeks to see how the situation unfolds. If things do not get better by mid/end of April, then I think it is safe to say that if you are getting married in June/July, it would be a good idea to start considering rescheduling.

With that said, it doesn't mean that you can't be proactive. If you are a procrastinator, now it's probably not the best time to be! If you still have vendors to book, keep on with your wedding planning process at a bit faster speed. Vendors are starting to fill up dates they didn't even expect due to all of the rescheduling for the March, April and May weddings so availability is very limited for a lot of them (including us), we are expecting our summer, fall and winter to be the busiest yet (because of all of the spring weddings being postponed) so secure those vendors you have been putting off as soon as possible.

If your wedding is scheduled for June/July, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your venue immediately to confirm what available dates they might still have and what policies they are implementing to reschedule an event.

  2. Contact your team of vendors just to have a back-up plan.

  3. See if the venue and vendors might be able to hold a second date for you as a courtesy for later in the year (you might not need to use it!).

  4. Consider a Thursday, Friday or Sunday wedding instead of a Saturday.

If you are in the process of putting together your wedding invitations and you are not sure if you should mail them:

  1. Hold off for a week or two to see how the situation unfolds, if possible.

  2. If you prefer to send them when you initially expected, include in your invitation a hand-written note to each of your guests to letting them know that the date might change due to the current COVID-19 pandemic but that you will let them know as soon as possible if this will be the case (this might take you a few hours but it will go a long way to let guests know that they are important to you and you are putting their safety first).

  3. If you already mailed your invitations, send a note in the mail (or email) to each of your guests letting them know that the date might change and that you will notify them as soon as a new date is set.

  4. Call each of your guests! Hearing directly from you goes a long way! Call your guests to ensure they received your note and explain what is going on, keep them in the loop, especially if they have to make travel arrangements for your wedding.

And don't forget, the bottom line is, you are getting married!!! If it happens on the day you had planned then that's amazing, but if it doesn't, that's OK too! It will happen, make lemonade with your lemons, when the day comes, it will be a beautiful one where you will not need to worry about potentially having your loved ones get sick but instead, a day to remember forever in a positive way, to celebrate and being together with the people that matters the most to you. I know this is not ideal and it is very difficult after all of the planning efforts and money you have put into your wedding but please know that we are all in this together.

I’d love to know how you’re feeling about the situation. Leave a comment below.




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