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Three things to bring for your photographer to capture gorgeous flat lays

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

When it comes to detail shots, these are often overlooked in comparison to the stunning portrait shots couples get throughout the wedding day, but they are just as important! After all, you have spent so much time and effort crafting the details to make your wedding day happen, they should be beautifully captured and celebrated! This is where your photographer comes in handy.

If you’ve seen many if those gorgeous and perfectly styled flat lays and capturing these details is important to you, making sure you choose a photographer that feels the same way about them as you do is key. A professional wedding photographer will know the importance the detail shots make in a gallerie, besides, they will know what editors look for if you decide you would like to submit your wedding for publication.

Make sure you communicate your expectations to your photographer and confirm if they have a styling kit they bring to the wedding day, if the don’t, then we suggest you include the below items in your bag and bring with you to the wedding along with the rest of your items, you can find many of the below items on Amazon at a small cost:

  • Soft fabric that matches your wedding color palette (cheesecloth and chiffon are usually perfect for this, if a fabric is not available, your wedding veil is also a good option)

  • Small silver trays

  • Vintage stamps

  • Wax seals and stamp

  • Vintage scissors

  • Ring box

  • Vow book(s)

One really important piece of the puzzle is to make sure you alot for 30-45 minutes during your getting ready for your photographer to capture these detail shots. Your wedding planner or your wedding photographer can advise you on the best time for their team to arrive to ensure enough time is allowed for them to capture these items.

Now let’s talk about what you should have ready for your photographer once they arrive…

1. Invitation suite

Invitations are the first look into what guests can expect at your wedding so they absolutely need to be captured! Be sure to order and extra set for you as a keepsake, but also to bring on your wedding day for the photographer to style and capture, include the main invitation card,, detail card, rsvp card, envelopes and any other pieces you might have included in your sets sent to your guests.

Photography by: Red Field Photo⁠

Stationery by : House of Catherine

Florals by: Beautiful Blooms

2. Perfume and/or any other meaningful item

Whether it be a piece of jewelry or a special perfume, it is always a good idea to have your photographer capture a shot of the items most personal to you. These little details might be something that overtime, you probably won't remember exactly how they looked or how they smelled, but having a beautiful photo of them will bring back special memories.

Photography by: The Family Films

3. Flowers and greenery

Although the items for the detail shots are beautiful alone, adding flowers or greenery adds so much life to the photos! Most florists are willing to pack a few loose flowers to be used for these shots, however, they do need to plan for it, so you just have to let them know. They might also have a small fee for those, so always consult with your vendors first.

Request the florist to drop off the extra blooms and greenery with the rest of your personals in the beginning of the day (bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.), ask them to arrive at the latest 30 minutes prior to your photographers’ arrival.

These elements not only add spice to the photos but are also a great way to incorporate the florals you have chosen for your special day.

Photography by: Emily Wren Photography

Florals by: RAM Floral


Even with the craziness of wedding day, you should always take the time to remember the little details that help put this day together. Work with your photographer and your planner to help make these special photos absolutely unforgettable!




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