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Top 5 photos to have with your wedding party

In the months leading up to your wedding, there are countless to-do items from making final selections

to your DJ or band list to finalizing all your seating assignments and shot list with your photographer and videographer. For me and many of my couples, the shot list is essential to help make sure they are on the same page with the photographer and ensure a stress-free day knowing every shot will be taken.

Between you, your fiancée, your planner, photographer and Pinterest board, there are way too many

photo ideas and poses to do unless you want to skip your wedding and run around taking photos all day

and night long. After dozens of weddings and overseeing all my couple’s portrait sessions, here are the

top five photos you should consider having on your photographer’s shot list for your wedding day.

1. Complete Candid Shots

These are my absolute favorite and ones my couples adore the most. It is your day and you’re

with your closest family and friends in your wedding party. It sometimes takes a few minutes to

warm up since some wedding parties are a mix of people from all times in your life: siblings,

cousins, childhood friends to college friends and work friends and chances are they have heard

about one another but haven’t hung out altogether. But once everyone gets more comfortable

and starts chatting and laughing, these shots are priceless. Laugh, make jokes, talk about the fun

times at the bachelorette and bachelor party and all the dancing that’ll go down later that night!

Photo Meg Brock Photography

2. The Couple in Front of the Wedding Party

This is such a classic shot, but one of my favorites since it plays with the depth of field. There are

a few ways to do this. Have all the bridesmaids and groomsmen standing behind the couple.

They can be all the women on one end and men on the other or coupled up with the couple a

few feet in front. Some couples prefer to look at the camera or kiss, and the wedding party can

be smiling or cheering behind.

Photo Ashley Gerrity Photography

3. Getting Ready

From matching robes and pajama sets to a celebratory shot and snack break, getting ready

photos are always fun. There are so many candid moments in the hours leading up to the

wedding. Bridesmaids helping each other get into their dresses and touch up their hair and

make-up and groomsmen tying their shoes and adjusting their cufflinks.

Photo Annie Hosfeld Photography

4. Looking Back at It

Give some attention to the back of your dress! Both the bride and bridesmaids went through

the process of choosing a dress color and style and getting their hair done, so you should take a

moment to capture those details of the backless dress and fancy updo. For the men, a photo of

them walking away from the camera works too!

Photo Renee Nicolo Photography

5. The Big YAY Shot

The last shot of the portrait shot should always be everyone coming together for the big YAY

and excited shot. Props like bottles of champagne, confetti and sunglasses are optional but just

everyone with their mouth open and hands up and maybe jumping evokes so much happiness

and joy and probably some relief that the portraits are over and it is time to get this couple MARRIED!!

Photo Tyler Boye Photography


What are some other photos you want to get on your wedding day?




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